This issue was resolved by the Pope himself, who wrote in one of the paragraphs of “Spiritus Domini” Motu Proprio that “the task of the Episcopal Conferences will be to establish appropriate criteria to distinguish and prepare candidates and candidates for clerical or auxiliary services, or other services they wish to establish, according to what has been done.” He has already requested it in Motu Proprio Ministeria quaedam, with the prior approval of the Holy See and according to the needs of evangelization in their lands. ”

So it is expected that the process of adapting the church to the new law will now begin. Certainly, new or at least revised ritual texts relating to the services of the elector and the assistant must be prepared. Conditions for the admission of women to ministries must also be set, and textual texts can be drafted.

But these things will not happen automatically. Local Episcopal Committees will first await the instructions prepared by the Congregation for the Divine Worship and Organization of the Sacraments, which is the competent office of the Holy See to implement this Pope’s decree.

But this is not the end. Texts prepared by, for example, the Commission on Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacred Mysteries of the Polish Episcopate – for example, translations of texts submitted by congregants – must first be approved by the Polish bishops, and then they will be sent back to the congregants who deal with the matters. The Liturgy in the Vatican. No change in the liturgy could be made without the direct approval of devotees currently led by Card. Robert Sarah. After this approval, the special “Spiritus Domini” application process will begin.

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Can anything be said about the time when women will actually begin training as teachers and assistants? The course of adaptation processes may vary in different countries. Much also depends on the design of the Pope and the Chapel for the Divine Worship and the system of the sacraments. If the Pope’s goal is to calm the moods in countries that are pushing for various changes in the life of the Church, it may take a long time for other local churches to adapt. However, if the issue was at the top of the papal agenda, the pressure of the Holy See would greatly speed up the work.

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