Cameron Diaz (“The Mask”) was last seen on screen in 2014, when she appeared in the films Another Woman, Six Tap and Annie. In subsequent years, this famous star retired from acting. After eight years, retirement ends. Diaz will star opposite Jamie Foxx in the action comedy Back in Action.

Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx have appeared in two films together so far. This was Oliver Stone’s “Annie” and “The Man’s Game”. “Back in Action” will be the third movie together. The production will be created for the Netflix streaming platform.

Information about the joint venture with Cameron Diaz was announced on social media by Jamie Foxx (“Ray”). And he posted on his Twitter account an audio recording of a conversation he had with the actress. During the course, Cameron does not hide that she will need some advice on how to successfully return from retirement. Legendary footballer Tom Brady gives the actress this advice later in the recording. He himself returned this year from his athletic retirement.

Little is known about the “Back in Action” film project. Details of his plot are kept secret. The film was written by Brendan O’Brien (“Neighbours”) and directed by Seth Gordon (“Bosses, Enemies”). For Jamie Foxx, this will be another Netflix project. Earlier, he appeared in “Power” movie and “Daddy, don’t give me shit” series. “Daily Shift” and “They Cloned Tyrone” are waiting for their premiere.

Diaz recently spoke about the reasons for her acting retirement in 2018 on the “Rule Breakers” podcast. I am the victim of all social objections and exploitation of women. At some point, I believed in them myself. Fame is very childish. People treat you like a little kid looking at him and thinking to themselves that he is so cute that if they treat him as sweet, he will be sweet forever. When you do something at a high level for a long time, everything about you is transferred to the hands of other people. I love acting and I can act forever, but when I looked around I saw that there were many parts of my life that I had no control over,” said the star. (LIFE PAP)

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