At least 15 people were killed in a two-car collision in Southern California on Tuesday. Ten of the wounded were taken to hospitals. Illegal immigrants may be the victims of the disaster.

The accident occurred on State Highway 115, in the El Centro area near the Mexican border, about 160 km east of San Diego. A Ford SUV, which according to rescuers numbered 27, collided with a truck transporting gravel.

The director of the ambulance at the Regional Medical Center of El Centro, Judy Cruz, announced at a press conference that 14 people were killed on the spot. Seven injured people were taken to El Centro Hospital, where one of them died. Regardless, two of the accident victims were taken to Brawley Hospital.

Illegal immigrants are victims of the disaster, according to El Centro Hospital Director Dr. Adolf Edward. He confirmed that the wounded were seriously injured.

According to California traffic police spokesman Jake Sanchez, the truck driver was slightly injured in the accident. In the opinion of an official, a Ford car legally requires no more than seven to eight people.

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