according to A new study has been conducted By Crypto Head, California is the most “crypto-ready” jurisdiction in the US. All thanks to the growing number of bitumbs and interest in digital assets among the state’s residents.

California, with a score of 5.72 out of 10, was ahead of New Jersey (5.44), Texas (5.28), Florida (5.03) and New York (4.29). The score for this case was 2.54 points higher than the national average.

The results were aggregated using indicators such as: Google searches, the number of installed bots, and the number of blockchain laws enacted in each state. California ranked first in Google searches and in the number of crypto ATMs. These two positive factors make up for the shortage of cryptocurrency.

By comparison, New York passed eight crypto laws, but it ranked 33rd in bituminous installations. The largest number of crypto ATMs is located in 10,000 square miles in New Jersey. The state also had the third highest score in terms of Google searches per 100,000 inhabitants. Texas and Florida also performed well in terms of bitomas and total number of searches.

USA leader in adoptions

Despite looming regulatory uncertainty Infrastructure LawWith the potential to affect key sectors of the blockchain economy, the United States continues to lead the way in cryptocurrency adoption. In 2020, the volume of Bitcoin trading in the United States exceeded the combined volume of trading in Europe, Nigeria and China. At the same time, Americans booked $4.1 billion in profits from their crypto transactions. This number far exceeds any other country. The United States is also the world leader in the number of bituminous. as Resources, Up to 86.4% of all devices are installed in the USA.

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The success of cryptocurrencies in the US is largely due to their status as an asset class to invest in. However, other adoption rates are not high. In August, the financial comparison engine Finder . was found Developed The United States ranks 26th out of 27 countries in terms of the number of cryptocurrencies owned by the population. Emerging markets more dependent on remittances – such as those in Southeast Asia and Latin America – ranked much higher.