Cabinet session with the participation of the Minister of Education and Science


On Monday, August 30, a Cabinet session was held at the invitation of the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda. The topic of the meeting was preparing the education system for the return of students to schools in the next academic year and the degree to which institutions are prepared for the next wave of COVID-19 cases. The event was attended by Minister of Education and Science Przemyslav Czarnik.

– I wanted to hear about the state of preparations, and what strategy you envision for getting the students back to school – first of all. Second – what would the next steps look like if we recorded an increase in infection? What mutations in morbidity will cause reactions? Who will make the decisions? At what level? Will we operate in certain areas of our country or nationally? – said the president during the meeting.

The Minister of Education and Science, Przemyslav Czarnik, announced the preparations for the start of the new school year. He also introduced MEiN’s activities related to the safe return of students to schools and institutions. The minister referred to the ministry’s programs to support students after a long period of distance learning, including the “Meet Poland” programme. Its aim is to encourage students to visit important places of Polish history and culture, related to our national identity and heritage.

One of the additional topics of the Council of Ministers was the topic of vaccinations among teachers and students. The President also inquired about the dialogue with parents regarding vaccination and how schools are preparing to implement this project.

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The president’s opinion on vaccination

President Andrzej Duda expressed his opinion on vaccination. He emphasized that he is against compulsory vaccination. He added that it is the duty of the state to ensure the availability and encouragement of vaccination, and for everyone to have freedom of choice.

– I think you should talk to parents about this in schools. However, without applying obligatory solutions in this area, because I think this is a border crossing that we cannot afford for many reasons, but also because we also know our national character and know how contradictory we are. If people are forced to do this, we will face a really bad social situation that will significantly deteriorate the mood. That is why I am opposed to this type of solution – emphasized the President.

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