70 apple trees were planted on Saturday on the campus of the University of Technology and Life Sciences. Jan and Jordzig Schniadjic in Bydgoszcz. The event was organized to mark the 70th anniversary of the university that is celebrated this year.

The event “70 Trees to Celebrate UTP’s 70th Anniversary” was mainly attended by early school children, some of them UTP Children’s University students. The last of the 70 apple trees were planted by the university president, Professor. Marek Adamski.

“The celebration of the Jubilee can take many different forms, the ecological form fits perfectly with the nature of our university. Moreover, by planting trees with the youngest students, in the context of Earth Day celebrated in April, we want to show how important it is to take care of the natural environment. And the environment in which we live, “the university president said.

Due to the epidemic, apple trees were planted in three groups, at different times. Participants were awarded certificates and souvenirs.

“In some time, our university will have a beautiful apple orchard,” – confirmed UTP University spokesman Professor. Szymon Ł. Różański.

The beginnings of the UTP in Bydgoszcz go back to 1951, when the Engineering Evening School was established, which in 1964 turned into the Higher School of Engineering. In 1974, as a result of the merger of the Graduate School of Engineering with the Bydgoszcz branch of the Agricultural University of Poznan, the University of Technology and Agriculture was established. In contrast, in 2006 the ATR was transformed into the University of Technology and Life Sciences.

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A few months ago, efforts were made to convert UTP into Bydgoszcz University of Technology. In the university-wide referendum held at the beginning of February, more than 80 percent of staff voted in favor of changing the name. The issue of changing the status of the university was understood by the state authorities. On February 26, the Ministry of Education and Science approved the project of establishing Bydgouz University of Technology on September 1, and on April 6, the project was approved by the Council of Ministers. In the next phase, the project will be presented to Parliament. (PAP)

Author: Jerzy Rouse

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