As in previous years, the IMMO Foundation in Bydgoszcz invites residents to participate in the third edition of the “Plant your tree” campaign. As part of this initiative, people who want to green their space can ask the organizers to help implement this plan.

Watch the video from the drone: rebuilding the track in Kapucheska – March 2022

The aim of this action is to publicize the importance of trees in the biosphere, as well as to increase the environmental awareness of the community in the field of environmental protection and climate change.

– We want to inspire children, youth, teachers and all participants to do local pro-environmental activities regarding the planting and protection of tree booths – emphasized IMMO activists. The work is also to initiate community cooperation in the field of cooperation for the benefit of nature and to create the trend of annual co-cultivation of trees.

Getting involved is simple and requires only three steps. This is: the idea of ​​the site, the landowner’s permission to plant, equipment, the tree and volunteers to help plant it.

– After receiving the notification, we contact the concerned person. We send a list of trees from which he can choose, and if necessary – we also help to choose the right tree for the indicated area and tell us how to get a planting permit – IMMO’s Maria Luscott tells us.