Bydgoszcz is applying for funds under a strategic investment program to purchase 46 trams and revitalize the Brda berths between the Bernardyński and Kazimierz Wielki bridges and Kościeleckie Square in the city center, the city’s mayor, Rafai Proski, announced on Thursday.

“Local governments have less and less jurisdiction and money. The government limits our income, which means that the mayor and city council, that is, representatives elected by the population, have no direct influence on the investments in the city that will be made. Instead, the programs have been government launched, So we return to the system from the times of the People’s Republic of Poland, where the central government decides who will get the money and for what purpose. Among these programs, which is the service of local governments, is the program under the Polish deal – the program of strategic investments “- said at the press conference of Prowski.

The mayor of the city confirmed that in the current version of the program, in which recruitment continues until August 15, three applications can be submitted: without a financial limit, a maximum of 30 million PLN and a financial limit of 5 million PLN. .

Bydgoszcz has already made such requests. As part of the unlimited project, it was reported the purchase of 46 new trams – 35 long and 11 shorter, as part of the project with a maximum limit of 30 million PLN – revitalization of the Brda berth between Bernardyński and Kazimierz Wielki bridges, and as part of the project with a minimum limit – revitalization of the square Kościeleckie in the city center.

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“Of course, I am aware that about 3,000 local governments will submit applications. The government does not specify how much will be divided between local governments, there are no rules for allocating money. We are waiting for who will decide for us for the citizens of Bydgoszcz, what will be chosen and whether any will be selected Was. The experiences are neither the best nor the bad, tragic for many local government officials. Reasonably justified by a certain logic, in the second and third there was pure politics. From large cities, for example within the union of Polish cities, we only got, and the others did not get any Something “- said the mayor of Bydgoszcz.

Proski emphasized that the largest tram-related projects are chosen in such a way that it depends on whether the government wants to support the entire project with a value of more than 400 million PLN, or whether it wants to allocate a smaller amount, it will be possible. . He added that in the case of many investments, for example dicing facilities, it would not be possible to divide the project into parts.

The city mayor confirmed that the government expects the submitted projects to be prepared in such a way that a contractor or supplier is selected within six months at the latest. The city is ready to meet these requirements.

Michai Stebel, the city’s deputy mayor, confirmed that the revitalization of boulevards on the Barada River was indicated by residents in social consultations as a priority task. In the case of Plac Kościeleckich, arrangements with the Regional Superintendent of Antiquities have been completed and the project is ready. (PAP)

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Author: Jerzy Rouse

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