Until December 23, the senators had time to nominate their nominees for two members of the Monetary Policy Council; Kazimierz Klein (KO), chair of the Senate Budget and Public Finance Committee, said each candidate should get at least seven signatures.

Klena said that on January 23 the term of office of the MPC members Jerzy Krobiwicki and Professor expires. Eugene Gatnar. He pointed out that the term of membership of another member of the Monetary Policy Committee elected by the Chamber, Rafa’a Surat, ends in the second half of 2022.

“From December 6 to 23, senators have time to nominate candidates for a member of the Monetary Policy Council, and seven senators are required to sign for a particular nomination. A senator may support no more than two candidates. , on Probably on January 5th. The senator said. Then, he noted, the committee’s recommendation will be submitted to the Senate.

In accordance with the Chamber’s bylaws, the Senate shall adopt a resolution on electing members of the Monetary Policy Committee by an absolute majority of votes in the presence of at least half of the statutory number of senators.

Article 227 of the Constitution states that the Monetary Policy Council shall consist of the President of the National Bank of Poland as Chairman and persons with outstanding financial knowledge, appointed for a term of 6 years in an equal number by the President of the Republic, the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

The National Bank of Poland Act states that there are 9 members of the NBP, and each of them can hold the position of a member of the Council for only one term. It indicates that the appointment of new members to the Supervisory Board must take place no later than the expiry of previous membership terms.

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During his term of office, a member of the Council may not hold any other position and carry out any commercial or public activity apart from scientific, educational or authorial work, and with the approval of the Council expressed by a decision (without the participation of the stakeholder. party) – activity is permitted in international organizations. A council member who is a member of a political party or a trade union is obligated to suspend his activity in that party or union for the duration of his term of office. (PAP)

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