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Analysis by Resolutions shows that despite an increase in government spending, real wages will fall again next year. It is also estimated that by 2027 the amount of tax per household in the UK will increase by £3,000.

Analysis by The Resolution Foundation leaves no doubt – the Boris Johnson government has set a path that is a high tax economy. According to estimates by radio frequency experts, by 2027, the taxes that each family in Great Britain will have to pay annually will increase by 3000 pounds. At the same time, real wages, despite various government measures, will fall again next year. Experts say the UK is now going through its ‘weakest decade’ [jeśli chodzi o] Wage increases since the 1930s [XX wieku]”. Thus, their conclusions run counter to recent statements by Rishi Sunak, who recently described his fall budget as the basis for a “high wage” economy in the “post-Covid” era.

UK taxes are rising and will continue to rise

High taxes come as no surprise given that the UK combines fiscal conservatism with an aging population and a sluggish economy. But this is the conservative end of low taxes, and [suma] Torsten Bell, chief executive of The Resolution Foundation, said taxes would increase by £3,000 per household by the middle of this decade.

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