Brooklyn 9-9 will return for its eighth and final season in the summer of 2021. The final episodes will be broadcast on NBC with exceptional broadcast time.

Brooklyn 9-9 He will say goodbye to fans soon. The doors of the beloved police station will be closed once and for all at the end of the eighth season of the series. When we come to say goodbye Jacques PeraltoSweetheart, Amy, Captain Holt, and the rest of the New York cops? NBC has revealed the release date for the latest season “Brooklyn 9-9”.

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Brooklyn 9-9: Season 8 will premiere after the Summer Olympics

Sad information about him Ending police sit-up comedy starring Andy Samberg in Season 8 Travel around the world in February 2021. The premiere of the final episodes was not yet known. The final season of the series was expected to start in the fall of 2021 and even in early 2022.

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The latest news coming straight from NBC is more upbeat. The station announced this The final season of “Brooklyn 9-9” will be shown in August 2021After the Tokyo Summer Olympics, which will be broadcast in prime time. NBC authorities want to celebrate the end of this beloved series. The following statement deadline quote from Susan Ruffner, Head of Entertainment Content at NBC Universal Television and Streaming:

[8. sezon “Brooklyn 9-9”] It will start in August, and will follow the Summer Olympics, which is a welcome broadcast period. We can’t imagine anything more worth it than the final season of “Brooklyn 9-9”. It’s a very popular show and we wanted to give it a schedule place that would give it the highest viewership possible.

Susan Rovner, NBC

Another NBC executive, Francis Berwick, added that as well The exact date is not yet knownThe station is still working on the details. In addition, it stipulated that the plan would need to be reconsidered in the event that the Tokyo Olympics were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brooklyn 9-9 – When is the 8th Netflix season premiere?

Brooklyn Series 9-9 debuted as a FOX original in 2013To move to the station after five seasons NBC, Which aired two more series of episodes in 2019 and 2020. In Poland, six of them are currently available on the platform. Netflix. The seventh season of the series has yet to arrive on Polish Netflix, although as of March 2021 you can watch it on this platform, including. In Great Britain and Ireland. So it is difficult to judge When the final season of “Brooklyn 9-9” is officially available to Polish fans. However, we hope the broadcast giant will give us this gift before the end of 2021.

The final eighth season of “Brooklyn 9-9” will only be 10 episodes. In it we will see famous and beloved heroes, who have been playing in it for 9 years: Andy Samberg (Jake Peralta) Melissa Fumiero (Amy Santiago) André Brager (Raymond Holt) Terry Cruz (Terry Giffords) Stephanie Beatriz (Rosa Diaz) i Joe Le Troglio (Charles Boyle).

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