British media have reported a radical change in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s opinion on the opening of new hard coal mines in the UK.

They read it as a sign of approval for the opening of a previously controversial mine near Whitehaven in Cumbria. During the Prime Minister’s question on Wednesday, Conservative MP Chris Green asked about other states’ approach to burning different types of coal. According to BBC News, the Prime Minister answered this question: – We can all be proud of the way we have reduced carbon dioxide emissions in this country, but it is clear that there is no point in importing coal, especially for mineral purposes, when we have our own local resources .

Commentators on the Prime Minister’s statement note that the answer was prepared in advance, and that the question addressed to him had been agreed upon previously, as the Prime Minister may have refrained from talking on this subject, or squandered it in general terms.

BBC News, however, explains the real reasons for this prime minister’s approval of domestic coal. It is a fact that about 40 per cent. The kind of coal the UK needs is imported – you guessed it – from Russia.

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