The Sun revealed on Tuesday that the UK will supply Ukraine with a number of Stormer multi-role armored vehicles in the coming days, capable of carrying Starstreak anti-aircraft missile launchers.

According to the newspaper, the British military demonstrated the capabilities of the Storm to the Ukrainian delegation two weeks ago at the Salisbury training ground, and Defense Minister Ben Wallace is expected to announce their delivery this week. Stormer is a UK-made tracked armored vehicle, weighing 13 tons.

So far, Starstreak missiles, a number of which the UK has already donated and which perform well in combat, can only be fired from manual or ground launchers. If Ukraine also has them on armored vehicles, it will significantly increase its ability to fight Russian aviation.

“The combination of Stormer and Starstreak will be a significant enhancement to the combat capabilities of Ukraine. It is a highly effective and highly mobile combat vehicle that will seriously impede any attempts at low altitude attacks by (Vladimir) Putin’s air force,” Colonel Richard Kemp told The Sun newspaper, the former commander of British forces. in Afghanistan. (PAP)

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