The Times and Daily Mail devote the most attention to Lewandowski, and to the match in Warsaw in general. And both newspapers confirm that the Polish striker is of the standard of his life and that England’s central defenders John Stones and Harry Maguire will face a very difficult task.

“Robert Lewandowski, with 72 goals in the national team, the heart of the Poland striker, left the trip to London with a knee injury, but this time in full health and in frightening shape. Beginning this season as usual, Lewandowski succeeded. In his first four games with Bayern Munich, he scored Seven goals, which helped him score seven league points and keep new coach Julian Nagelsmann’s early weeks running smoothly, although some would argue Germany is easier to embarrass defenders than in England, there is a reason why most of the top clubs around Continent seizes the opportunity to sign Lewandowski, even at the age of 33. He has the flair of a veteran and the athletic ability of someone ten years younger, “writes the Times.”

The paper notes that this is due to his obsessive interest in physical form and his keen interest in every detail – even what and in what order he eats and his sleeping temperature. Thanks to this, he adds, he continued to grow, and, as he points out, Lewandowski became a more diverse football player.

“One of Lewandowski’s main strengths is the way he protects the ball from defenders. Once he scores the ball – even with his back to goal – it is very difficult for opponents to take it from him,” wrote The Times, adding that Stone and Maguire would have their hands full. with him and they must come in front of him before he gets the ball.

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As the paper points out, there is a perception that he might not impress in matches against the best national teams, but the only reason why Lewandowski has not been able to shine internationally is the fact that he has not been surrounded by other world-class players. Who can. + Deal + and take advantage of the opportunities it creates. He excellently found himself as a captain in the Bayern Munich team, whose game depends on possession of the ball.

The Daily Mail also writes about the main role played by Lewandowski. He notes that it is extremely rare for a coach to admit that almost everything depends on one player, as Paulo Sousa did last week. “But in the case of Poland, the facts speak for themselves. Lewandowski’s two goals in Sunday’s match against San Marino (7:1) increased his international tally to 72 in 124 matches. He is their top scorer in history. Next in the ranking is the midfielder Piotr Zielinski of Naples – he has seven” – confirms the “Daily Mail”.

It is reported that the 2-1 victory in the first match was difficult for the English, but their last stop on the way to Qatar will be even more difficult, because Poland this time will be a sniper. The 33-year-old, who Bayern did not want to sell in the summer, writes himself says is leaner and in better shape than ever, and he confirmed this with seven goals in four games for the club at the start of the season. the classroom.

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“It is recognized that his Bayern teammates are able to provide better passes than his national team, but the attacker’s ability to slip through defenders to the finish with a header in a cross or a shot from 10 meters in front of goal is impressive,” reviews the Daily Mail. “He adds that Harry Maguire is very good at playing in the air and their duels will be the decoration of the evening.

“England were certainly a solid defense for Euro 2020 and Hungary didn’t bother them last week so they will take their job with confidence. But Lewandowski is currently the most reliable striker in European football, and watching him would make England take the big step ‘in the direction of promotion’ – summed up the Daily Mail.

The Daily Telegraph in turn focused on Wednesday not on Lewandowski, but on the fact that England manager Gareth Southgate is in talks about extending the contract that expires after the World Cup in Qatar at the moment. However, he also notes that the match with Poland will be the toughest of the qualifying round and adds that the win in Warsaw means Southgate and his team can already make plans for the world championship, and possibly beyond.

The match between Poland and England will start at the National Stadium in Warsaw at 20:45.

From London, Bartomig Nedzinski

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