The billionaire owns the petrochemical giant Ineos. In a statement published by Telegraph Sport, Ratcliffe confirmed his bid for Chelsea, stating that he would like to become the ‘guardian’ of the club’s tradition. The current owner of Chelsea, Roman Abramovich, has been subject to sanctions by the British government.

“This is a British deal for a British club,” the statement read. The billionaire revealed that his offer is worth a total of 4.25 billion pounds, of which 2.5 billion pounds will be donated to a charitable organization that supports the victims of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In turn, an amount of 1.75 billion pounds will be invested directly in the club over the next ten years.

“We believe that the club is more than its owners, who are the temporary custodians of a great tradition, accountable to the fans and the community,” an official statement read.

The bidding deadline for Chelsea’s purchase had already expired in mid-April, but Ratcliffe would have had the British government’s approval for his proposal.

Let us remind you that earlier in the match for the acquisition of Roman Abramovich’s club, there were three unions. On Thursday, information emerged that The Russian oligarch is asking potential buyers of the club to donate around £500m to charity. It is possible that the money will eventually go to the Abramovich Foundation himself.


Hubert Kostka brought a gold medal from the Olympic Games in Munich. Gold accompanied a significant part of his career – as a football player for Gornick Zabrze, he won the Polish Championship eight times, as a coach – three times. Suddenly, Kostka suddenly disappeared from Polish football. Years later, it was revealed that corruption haunted him, leading to heart problems. He was tired of dishonest rulers, bosses and constant matches, so he chose the quiet life of a retiree. Did the football community do a good job of letting such an experienced coach leave? We are looking for an answer to this question in the “X-ray” podcast.

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