As part of the package of sanctions against Russia announced by the British government the day before its invasion of Ukraine, all regular Russian airlines, including the national airline Aeroflot, were banned from entering British airspace.

IAG President Luis Gallego said: “Due to the British government’s decision to prevent the landing of Aeroflot in Great Britain, we have taken a decision not to use Russian airspace for flights. At the moment, we are avoiding Russian airspace” – said IAG President Luis Gallego.

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Airlines bypass Russian airspace. Financial consequences

Airlines pay a fee for flights across the area of ​​a particular country. In this regard, Russia has a special position on the map, since most air carriers on routes to and from Southeast Asia use the airspace over Siberia.

The proceeds of the Siberian transit finance the Russian national airline Aeroflot and enable the line to develop rapidly – said Dominik Sipiński, aviation analyst at and Polityka Insight, in an interview with The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency also indicated that the resignation of the so-called polar routes, means having to travel to Southeast Asia via Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran or Iraq. This in turn means longer flight times and higher costs.