The UK buys less than 4 percent of its gas directly from Russia, but it is tied to European markets.

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According to the worst-case scenario and the sanity cited by The Times, gas imports from Norway, on which Great Britain depends, could fall by more than half. due to increased demand from the European Union. The import of LNG, which is transported to the UK by tankers, will also be halved due to higher demand. In this model, the UK would also not receive gas from its interconnectors in the Netherlands and Belgium, both countries experiencing gas shortages.

As a result of this shortage, the UK will implement contingency plans to shut down gas power plants early next year, and large industrial facilities that use gas will have to stop using it. The closure of the plant will lead to a shortage of electricity, which will force the government to ration it. The electricity will be cut on weekdays in the morning peak hours between 7 and 10 and in the evening between 4 and 9 pm. On the other hand, domestic gas supply will remain unchanged.

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