Until recently, Great Britain was the most chosen place for study abroad by the Poles. The country was famous for the university’s prestige, the potential to improve English, but also the fact that Polish students paid the same fees as the British and got scholarships that covered their tuition fees. With Brexit, the situation has changed, although famous universities, such as Oxford or Cambridge, still enjoy the interest of the Poles.

Now, most people want to study in Denmark, as the education system focuses on acquiring practical skills and participating in projects organized by international companies. Learning is more personalized and activities are carried out in small groups. Dutch universities tempt foreign students with a wide range of studies in English (more than 2,000 fields of study). They are divided into research universities and applied sciences, in which one-year training is carried out as part of the studies.

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For many students, financial issues are of great importance, hence the popularity of Denmark, where studying is free. The Netherlands is also gaining, with universities offering a 50 percent exemption. The cost of tuition for the first year of study and the possibility of obtaining a loan – explains Dominika Gubczyk, an expert at Elab Education Lab. Through Elab, 260 percent of applicants have applied for studies in Denmark and the Netherlands this year. And 129 percent more candidates than the previous year.

Universities are becoming increasingly popular in Germany, Sweden and Spain. You can also study in English at many universities in Italy, where Poles often choose medical schools. It is offered by 13 universities. Those who wish to study in an English speaking country choose Ireland. Dominica Jobczyk explains that it is a country where you can count on much lower tuition fees than in Great Britain. For those who cannot afford the high fees, study in Cyprus. Some universities in this country offer the opportunity to benefit from student exchanges with universities from Great Britain. Similar opportunities are offered by universities in Germany. For example, Lancaster University Leipzig is the campus of the University of Leipzig in the northwest of England.

Iwa Wesoka

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