Britain’s exit from the European Union, the process of Great Britain’s exit from the European Union, will end on February 1, 2020. Then the UK will formally leave society. We are checking the consequences of Brexit, whether Brexit will make travel to England difficult, and whether a passport is required to get to Great Britain.

In this article, you will find the most important information about what Brexit will mean for the Poles

  • What will a trip to England look like after Brexit?
  • Will a passport be needed to get to Great Britain after Brexit?
  • What will change for the Poles after Brexit? What are the consequences of Brexit for the Poles?

Brexit and trip to England 2020

Immediately after the end of Brexit, that is, Britain’s exit from the European Union, a period of transition will begin. During this time, the free movement of people will be maintained, which means that British citizens will still be able to work and settle in European Union countries, and EU citizens – in the United Kingdom. According to the assurances of European Union officials, not much will change for ordinary citizens and companies.

EU citizens who want to stay after the end of the transition period must apply for the

Stable position

. Even people who come to the UK during the transition period can get temporary residence.

Brexit: What is it? How and why did Brexit happen? when? Voting, referendum, dates [2020]

Brexit: the passport

Many travelers to the UK wonder if a passport is required to enter the UK after Brexit. We can rest assured: travel will continue as usual. This means that we will continue to arrive in the countries of the United Kingdom without visas and passports. British citizens will continue to pass passport control in lines to European Union citizens.

The UK will continue to recognize the European Health Insurance Card, national driver’s licenses and pet documents. Also, the rules for roaming on telephone connections will not be changed.

Brexit. 400 thousand Poles without a settled person

Brexit: What Will Change? What does Brexit mean for the Poles? [KONSEKWENCJE DLA POLAKÓW]

As you can read on Dziennik Gazeta Prawna daily, changes await Poles who live in the UK. It includes about conditions of residence in Great Britain.

The requirement to remain in the UK after the transition period, which will last until February 2021, is to have stable status. –According to UK Home Office data for December 2019, more than half a million of our citizens have applied for such person status so far. This is the largest number of the 27 European nationalities living in the United Kingdom. But also the Polish minority of 905,000. The people there are the greatest. This means a lot of uncertainty for 393,000. Polish citizens who have not yet submitted the document to the Ministry of the Interior – We read the DGP.

It is estimated that the number of European Union citizens living in the United Kingdom is 3-3.6 million. – To date, applications have been submitted by more than 2.7 million people. It follows that as many as 900,000 people may have cause for concern – Nabisano.

The magazine states that the status is granted if a person can demonstrate that they have lived in the UK for at least five years. Those who do not have sufficient seniority are granted temporary status. Applications can be submitted until June 30, 2021.

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