That will be the first day in January

Regardless of whether this mutual partnership agreement will be

Either way we will conclude

Application of rules that apply to entrepreneurs in the European Union

European countries and other countries for status and export

Imported goods

Sorry they are the way we are using it

Third countries in

So this shipment will be controlled

Customs and businessmen of the part of Great Britain and here

It has to be taken into account by the European Union, so we will share it with you, both businessmen and Polish travelers

Let’s start with these companies okay, because you have to say mr.

I understand very different rates than before

We agree that we will apply the EU tariff

Regarding goods imported from Great Britain, it should be noted that so far is okay

At this time there is no intermediary for the goods imported from

In Great Britain, we are dealing with notation here with conduction within a community

Whereas starting January 1, no, we are already going to Play Rome to import and export and we are heavy

It is mainly the procedures related to customs declaration disclosure in

In the case of importing the goods, as well as hearing the payments arising from the son

Implementing an entrepreneur’s appropriate fee rate also includes some additional formal obligations

Well, it will be the entrepreneur performing the port or export operations

Of course, some are required to submit a customs declaration

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Entrepreneurs fulfill this commitment, they have their own services to deal with

Customs used in companies, other entrepreneurs use some of them

Representing entrepreneurs before the customs authority on behalf of beer entrepreneurs

Manager, I understand that the customs department is ready for the union, it means that it knows there will be more controls

Where these checks will take place

Of course, the plexiglass issue itself is not recent

Time, we’ve been preparing for it since 2019

Then a special project team was formed here at the Ministry of Finance

Which also analyzed the situation on an ongoing basis

Changing regulations and any type of personnel and regulations

Information technology that we have had to adapt to the new to this day, I can say

The National Tax Administration is ready for the new administration

New exit reward model related to exit and the UK independently

Whether there will be an agreement or not

Regardless of this, because it must be noted that this agreement may affect the amount

Rates because today the application of 0 exhibitions is canceled and the same customs procedures

Of course they will stay, and as I said they will be gender friendly

Goods to be transported and the rules applicable to import

And exports to and from third countries