– He said – if possible, the woman should postpone the planned pregnancy for a better time, so that its course is calmer CNN Raphael Camara, Secretary of Primary Health Care, Brazilian Ministry of Health. He added: “Of course, we cannot tell people between the ages of 42 or 43, but for able-bodied young women, the best thing is to wait a bit.”

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The Brazilian alternative to the virus. Will there be a fourth wave?

Brazil. The government advises women to wait before getting pregnant

Brazil is second only to Johns Hopkins University United States of America The country has the highest number of deaths from COVID-19. More than 368,000 people have already died there due to the Coronavirus. People, and nearly 14 million people have been infected.

Three million deaths from COVID-19. “Raging Hell” in Brazil

Camara admitted that so far, no research has been done in the world indicating that some types of Coronavirus are more dangerous for pregnant women. But the clinical view of experts shows that the new variant may be more aggressive in pregnant women. Before it was associated with the end of pregnancy, but now you can see a more serious development in the second trimester to the first trimester – Camara emphasized.

According to experts cited by CNN, the chaos and inaction on the part of the authorities are to blame for the plight in Brazil. Scientists note, among other things on Reality Promoting chloroquine as a treatment for coronavirus, although there is no evidence of its effectiveness. The epidemiological situation in the country is also affected by the more aggressive variants of the Coronavirus and many residents have failed to comply with the principles of social distancing.

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