In a recent interview with GQ, Brad Pitt revealed that he is confident he has the disease Uncle facial recognition. The actor explained that he has a lot of trouble remembering people and that many people find him “selfish and aloof.”

Prosopagnosia is a disorder of visual perception, which consists in the impairment of the ability to recognize the faces of acquaintances or people who have already seen, and in some cases also their emotional expression, with unperturbed visual perception of other objects. Pete explained that he has difficulty recognizing faces in social situations, and that he believes people see him “far, away, inaccessible and self-absorbed.” The actor explainedThat it’s just the opposite – he tries to remember the people he meets and is “ashamed” when he can’t.

Developmental prosopagnosia, which affects people who have not experienced brain damage, may affect 1 in 50 people. However, the disease often affects humans from birth and remains a lifelong problem.

“Many people with prosopagnosia are unable to recognize family members, partners or friends,” according to an NHS report, noting that the condition can lead to social anxiety disorders. A brain injury or stroke can also lead to the development of prosopagnosia, a disorder known as acquired prosopagnosia.

Brad Pitt He added that “no one believes him” when he tries to talk about his possible illness. This is not the first time that Najim has spoken about his illness.

“A lot of people hate me because they think I don’t respect them,” GQ said in 2013. Well, where did we meet? But it got worse. Growing insult to the people. Pete notes that some people help him by remembering the context of the first meeting, but most consider him “selfish” or “arrogant.” In an interview with GQ, the actor also revealed that he had suffered from “mild depression” for years.

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