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Great Britain is struggling with growing economic problems. However, it was reported that Boris Johnson, in the midst of the crisis, decided … to go on vacation to Spain.

Today, unusual information circulated in the British press – it was reported that the British Prime Minister decided to “sneak” on vacation in the midst of the crisis in the UK. Where exactly was Boris Johnson supposed to go and how did Downing Street comment on the media reports?

Boris Johnson on vacation amid the crisis?

According to the Daily Mail, Boris Johnson, with his pregnant wife Carrie and their young son Wilf, were about to travel for a hot vacation in southern Spain. Exactly, the family was supposed to go to a large villa near Marbella on the Costa del Sol. The British daily reported that the Prime Minister, with his wife and son, will spend five days in sunny Spain. And there would be nothing surprising in all this, were it not for the fact that Great Britain is struggling with a rather difficult situation inside the country.

On the news of the purportedly hot summer vacation, the British press left Boris Johnson dry, accusing the Prime Minister of abandoning the country amid the crisis. Critics maintain that the Prime Minister did not pick a very opportune time for the holiday, as the UK is facing a very difficult winter of high bills and high inflation.

How did the Prime Minister’s office comment? Downing Street does not deny reports about Boris Johnson’s trip to Spain, but it refuses to provide information on whether and where the Prime Minister is currently working.

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Meanwhile, a Spanish police source told the Sunday Mirror: “We can’t confirm officially, but we are staying unofficially in a large luxury villa on the border between Marbella and Benahavis. We have been informed that the British Prime Minister is staying, so we are all very vigilant. We know how much Its significance globally and that it is a potential target, so there will be additional patrols in the next few days.”

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