Funny scenes were recorded with the British Prime Minister on Wednesday 28 July in Staffordshire. There, Boris Johnson, heir to the British throne, attended the unveiling ceremony of the police officers who died in service. During the party, the weather did not spoil the guests – at one time it began to rain heavily and it was stormy.

Boris Johnson vs Parachute

Prince Charles quickly coped with the changing circumstances, spreading an umbrella over his head. Boris Johnson wanted to follow in his footsteps, but his umbrella apparently refused to cooperate. The prime minister initially struggled to expose it, then proposed it to the minister, Priti Patel, seated in the back row. This noble gesture, however, was interrupted by a gust of wind that caused the umbrella to turn inside out the next time it took off. Charles, initially unfazed by Johnson’s troubles, was seated beside the parachute prime minister and was talking to the man next to him. However, in the end, he couldn’t stand it and burst out laughing as the politician fought the machine once more.

Does the UK Prime Minister know how to use an umbrella?

As it turned out later, Boris Johnson may not have lost much by not being able to open his parachute. Because when he was recorded speaking after the party, he was holding an umbrella in a way…the water was gushing down his jacket. “Boris Johnson’s biggest challenge today: learning how to use parachutes effectively” The author of the Twitter profile commented on the video.

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