The Isles still echoes the high profile case of transgender cyclist Emily Bridges, a 21-year-old male. She was disqualified from participating in the women’s competitions after the body responsible for organizing it decided that she was ineligible on the basis of her gender.

“It makes sense to me,” said Boris Johnson. “And I also think that women should have spaces, whether in hospitals, prisons, locker rooms or anywhere else, that are just for them,” he added.

At the same time, the head of government noted that “this does not mean that he does not feel sorry for transgender people.” “It is important that we show them love and support,” he said.

Plans for the UK’s first LGBT World Congress earlier this week were scrapped. The decision was made after more than 100 organizations chose not to participate.

The reason is proposed changes in the law regarding the ban on so-called conversion therapy (a pseudo-scientific practice of trying to change a person’s sexual orientation from gay or bisexual to heterosexual) – the government suggested that the ban should not apply to transgender people.

Sky News/Marcin R.

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