On Wednesday, the second conversation took place between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Alexander Lukashenka regarding the situation at the Polish-Belarus border. The information was provided by foreign media.

Another conversation between Angela Merkel and Alexander Lukashenka Source: oriental news, Photo: AP


Information about the second interview of Merkel and Lukashenka was provided by Reuters, citing PETA.

Let us recall that for the first time the German chancellor and Alexander Lukashenka spoke about the situation on the Polish-Belarusian, Lithuanian-Belarusian and Latvian-Belarusian borders by phone on Monday, November 15.

The German government’s press office confirmed the information on Monday’s talks between the leaders of Germany and Belarus.


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border crisis. Merkel’s conversation with Lukashenka

“One of the important aspects, discussed in detail by the President of Belarus and the German chancellor, is the issue of supporting refugees by providing them with humanitarian aid,” Peta stated.

The agency had already informed that the chancellor of Germany and the president of Belarus would talk about the migration crisis.


Merkel’s conversation with Lukashenka. Experts spoke

Foreign affairs journalist Jerzy Hasczynski also recalled Merkel’s conversation with Lukashenka. According to him, “Angela Merkel made a mistake in saying goodbye.”

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“There is no justification for direct negotiations with Lukashenka by a head of state in the European Union. Except for humanity. But what about humanity towards the Belarusian victims of the Belarusian regime?” Haszczyński wrote on Twitter.

Source: PAP, BelTA, WP News


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