“The Promise”, a book whose main theme is time

“The Promise” It tells what happened in South Africa over the past forty years. It deals with the history of the white family from apartheid to the present day. Damon Galgot It presents the Swart family saga, but, as he himself claims, the main theme of the book is time. The novel is the ninth work of this South African writer. Previously, the author was nominated for a Booker Prize twice – the first time for a written work in 2003 – “good doctor”Second time for a book In a strange room From 2010. He is an award winning author, and two films have been made based on his book The Quarry.

The Promise author grew up in Pretoria, where this year’s vogue book is also held. When asked why he is a writer, Galgot remembers his childhood days. Then, he explains, he developed lymphoma. During his illness he learned, he explains, “to associate books and stories with a certain kind of interest and comfort.” The artist lives in Cape Town and is currently working on a collection of short stories.

It should be noted that Galgut is the third South African writer in history to be awarded a Booker. Earlier he was honored Nadine Gordimer In 1974 and JM Coetzee’a – Twice in 1983 and 1999. He thanked the author for the award, and confirmed that he had received the award “on behalf of all writers from Africa.”

The promise will be issued in Poland

The book “The Promise” will be published in Poland by the Czarny Publishing House. As Monica Sznaderman, writer and publisher of The Black, wrote on her Facebook page:

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Well, it’s no secret that Damon Galgot’s “The Promise” will be released in black. I’m very happy.

About the Booker Prize 2021

Books nominated for the Booker Prize must meet several conditions. First of all, it will be literary fiction, published between last October and September of this year. It must also be written in English. In this year’s edition, the so-called “shortlist” of finalists were:

The winner receives a prize money of 50,000 PLN. Pounds or pounds for weight. The award is supported by the Crankstart organization.

The Booker Prize is one of the most important contemporary writers’ awards for an English-language novel. In the past, he was among the winners, among others Margaret AtwoodAnd George SaundersAnd GM CoetzeeAnd Kazuo IshiguroAnd Salman Rushdie I William Golding. He got it a year ago Douglas Stewart for the book “Shoji Pine”.