President Jerzy Soyniac announced the submission of a draft resolution granting sponsorship of the Gelenia Gora Animation Theater to Bogdan Science, the recently deceased director of this cultural institution. The President would like to name the theater on the first anniversary of Bogdan Nauca’s death.

President Soyniac announced his initiative on March 21, the day that International Puppet Engine Day is celebrated.
– On March 21, 2021, it will be the first Puppet Day, during which the actors of the Zdrojowy Animation Theater celebrate in Jelenia Góra without their director, who left his stage last November. I know that in the summer of last year, the ZTA actors were thinking of a benefit to Bogdan Nauka, who in the fall would be celebrating his jubilee for his artwork at a theater he had already built himself. And as a technical team, as a reference, and almost as a building, because thanks to its many years of effort this building acquired a completely modern interior design, a nod to the most beautiful traditions. At the time, we didn’t want this feature to take place in September, because there are so many events at that time. In October, the quarantine began among the actors, so it was necessary to think again about rescheduling. In November, the director fell ill and passed away … I think Puppet Day is the right time to ask the cast of ZTA to organize a reward for their manager on the first anniversary of his death. It would be a fitting tribute to his work. I also think that Puppet Day is the best date for me to tell the residents of Gelenia Gora that I will submit a draft decision to the Gelenia Jura advisors to name this theater in his name on the first anniversary of Bogdan Nauca’s death. He put in him a great deal of his life and I am convinced that he absolutely deserves such an honor. Anyone who has presented the world’s most beautiful fairy tales to many generations of children should stay at this theater at least that way – Mayor Sweenak explains.
This initiative is unlikely to cause controversy, because it is difficult to overestimate the merits of the director of science not only for animation theater, but also for the culture of the entire region. Bogdan Nauca has been moderated by it since 1994.

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