Body hair – These are words that can be taboo and are rarely spoken out loud, especially by hair removal companies.

But the word “body hair” has become the focal point of BETC’s new YT platform. Reflecting the relationship with body hair, BETC and Veet celebrate the power of choice in this new campaign. An option to care for your body hair with little or no care.

The brand asserts that there are as many ways to take care of body hair as women do. Veet wants to help all of them by offering the widest range of products that they make with and for them.

The new website by BETC aims to remind women that their bodies and hair belong to themselves and that they are free to care for their body hair as they please.

The campaign starts with a 45-second video focusing on the campaign’s main message, while short videos promote a specific product and its benefits. The campaign will take place in fifteen countries, such as France, Great Britain and Germany.

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