Blue states versus red necks

After US election night Tuesday through Wednesday morning, the text reader was always smarter than the author to find out who became the president of the United States.

The defeated candidate congratulated the winner by telephone on Wednesday morning with honor. But this was the case in normal times, as the coronavirus blows all the canons. This time called the corrective map, that is, the map of the USA supplemented with numbers according to the change of time zones, in some states included approximate results, without placing a complete stop above the i. Swingers, as it turned out that a competitor’s advantage was small. The United States and the world, of course, received an indication of whether the 45th president would still be Donald John Trump at 74, or whether 78-year-old Joseph Robinette Biden would be sworn in as 46. Losing power games after his first term is almost unimaginable, so he declared in advance that in the event of a calculated defeat, he would legally fight for the last dollar to undermine the results and indicated that the development of mail voting against the pandemic by individual countries is an evil thing.

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