Immediately after the premiere of “365 Days: This Day”, the film was heavily criticized. Blanka Lipinska decided to defend the production and laughed at the stars who evaluated her work negatively.

On Wednesday, April 27, the long-awaited continuation of the most popular Polish thriller appeared on Netflix, namely “365 Days: This Day”. The movie was sure to generate a lot of controversy. However, everything that happened around the production seemed to be much more interesting. The sequel itself received very critical reviews – both in Poland and abroad. It was not just film critics who crushed the work of Barbara Beauvos and Thomas Mendes, considering it worse than the previous part. Negative opinions also come from viewers and stars. Blanca Lipinska, without whom there would be no story about Massimo and Laura, responded forcefully to celebrity comments. Is this the beginning of the conflict?

365 dni: Ten dni: Blanca Lipinska defends the film and criticizes the stars! “Not everyone has meaning”

On the day of the premiere, everyone made sure everyone was talking about “365 Days: This Day.” The gathered journalists were very surprised that Anna Maria Sicloca and Michele Moroni did not spare their tenderness on the wall. For several days, the media has been abuzz with reports about the love story of Laura and Massimo. Dressed in a bold outfit for this evening, Monika Goździalska made a terrible slip. The event was closed by the controversial mother of the business, who later answered questions from fans who wanted to know what happened to Blanca Lipinska’s face. In short – a dream preview of a successful production.

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At the moment, the measure “travels all of Poland for« 365 days »” is in full swing. An overwhelming review by Karolina Korwin-Piotrowska appeared on the Internet. The journalist was supported by, among others, Mavachon, Sarah Borok and Martina Glewinska. Celebrities admitted that they were embarrassed by Blanca Lipinska’s erotic sequel. Artur Boruc’s wife also stated that she has not and will not watch the film.

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– and that moment when the lion’s roar (I think) is added to the shot with jumping into bed – golden! I wrote Mavachon spat on it.

One word is enough – pathology. I didn’t watch the “new work”, but 10 minutes of previous work was enough .. – commented Sarah Borok.

Blanka Lipińska on Project Paprocki & Brzozowski's 365 Day Premiere: Ten Dzień


Blanka Lipinska herself responded to these comments, responding sharply to the stars. The celebrity said that what matters most to her are fans’ opinions. Although she did not mention Sarah Boruc by name and surname, it can be guessed that in the advertisement she referred to Artur Boruc’s wife.

– The first revisions are already available. The thing that interests me the most are the fans. However, I pointed out somewhere that there are public figures commenting on the movie, even though they haven’t seen it. I don’t know, I don’t know myself, I’ll say it. – I’m not going to discuss it, said Blanka Lipinska.

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Everyone has a right, but not everyone has a feeling. Talk about something you haven’t seen – I can’t imagine, to be honest; Talking about a topic I have no idea about. Well, not all of them are me – she added.

Sarah and Artur Boruc

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Film Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mandes also collect highly critical reviews abroad. He got awesome grades, incl. In “Miscellaneous”. Critics called the “365 Days” sequel a “sensational bogus”, and its script was deemed worthy of a “TV series”. Do you think the creators have another golden berry in their pocket?

Adam Jankowski / reporter