Blanca Lipinska has announced that she is working on the latter film, whose main inspiration has been her love life, especially her relationship with Alexander Baron. Sandra Kubica, current music partner, for the first time evaluated the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe erotica composer. – How do you feel with her? – Ask netizens.

Blanka Lipinska is making a movie about Alexander Baron

One of the most famous couples in show business was Blanka Lipinska and Alexander Baron. However, the relationship between the musician and the erotic composer did not stand the test of time. A member of the Afromental team has already found a new object of love. He reported the relationship with Sandra Kubica at the end of 2021.

On the other hand, the writer does not brag about her subsequent love conquests and is more conservative in commenting on her love life after her split from Alec Barron. Despite this, she still mentions him in interviews.

Blanka Lipinska admitted not so long ago that she was working on a movie whose plot was inspired by her personal love experiences. Although she did not mention specific names, it is known that One of the main characters in the erotic is modeled after a musician from the band Afromental. The creator indicated that some of the scenes included in the film are 100%. Reflect the relationship with your ex-partner. Meanwhile, she joked that the character of the former requires minor corrections and coloring to make the stronger parts of the screen more attractive.

Sandra Kubica Reacts to Blanca Lipinska’s Idea

Blanka Lipinska in one of the interviews stated that she did not consult the script for the upcoming film with Alexander Baron. – He didn’t call and I don’t think he would. I’m also curious about what will happen after the movie – She confessed. The person concerned has not yet commented on this topic. However, his current partner, Sandra Kubica, has taken the word. The form answered the question posed by the Internet user.

How do you feel about Blanca making a movie inspired by Alec? He makes fun of him in interviews. It can be concluded that in bed boredom – we read in the comment.

Sandra Kubica suggested that Lipinska could not bear the loss of her beloved. – I feel sorry for her suffering. Also once, I couldn’t handle a breakup. Here’s a great guy, I’m not surprised – She concluded by taking a joint photo with the musician.

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author:Berenika Olesińska

Main image source: Olzanka / East News