Photo: Zuzanna Kwaśniewska

During last year’s Popkillers party, Bisz received a figurine for the decade’s album, awarded by a group of experts to “Sidewalk Wolf”. Hosting the popular show Kacper Ruciński on the talk show, the rapper admitted that it was a huge honor for him, and the ceremony itself was an opportunity to meet the artists who formed it.

This is a very important album to me and the ideas that appear on it are still close to me. I never cut myself off from Polish hip-hop, and I never wanted to do so. I grew up on it, and meeting so many people at an event like this that I listened to as a kid was amazing to me. Breaking fives with them etc. until I feel like I’m a part of it – The artist commented.

Besses also dealt with the topic of combining the old and the new. The artist is still active on stage, weeks ago, he released a great new album, “Pale King”. After all, in the struggle between the old and the new school, the inhabitant of Bydgouz seems to be on the front page. Starting with the theme of the documentary “scandal. Molesta’s Ewenement “came to refer to the changes he’s noticed in Polish rap music over the years.

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Polish hip-hop in its early scenes was apparent and the values ​​that accompanied it were 100 percent authentic. For me, the albums of that time are not only special classics, but for example Molista’s second album “Ewenement” – this is a conceptual and sound album, original and amazing, Pezet / Noon – “Muzyka Gad” – these are some of the most important for me. Grammatik or even this whole branch of psychological rap – Bish is back.

It was not an imitation of American rap. He was somewhere to take a joke and do it your way. I loved it very much, because we were able to translate it into our earth without losing our personality. Nowadays, it sometimes seems to me that there is a little bit of Polish character and our everyday life – The artist added.

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