Billy Idol has health problems. The famous rock singer known from the song “Rebel Yell” was forced to postpone the tour in Europe. How is the music?

Billy Idol, or actually William Michael Albert Broad, is a British singer, songwriter and even a famous actor all over the world. The greatest success and recognition of the artist brought the song “Rebel Yell”, Which was on the singer’s second album of the same name, which was released in 1983. The album sold over two million copies in the United States alone.

Billy Idol has a health problem. He postponed the European tour

The artist announced a “road tour” a while ago. The musician promised the fans that During the concerts they will hear both timeless songs and completely new songs.

Legendary guitarist Steve Stevens was scheduled to appear on stage alongside an idol. The musician then planned his first shows in Great Britain since 2018. Unfortunately Fans will have to be patient.

Doctors advised Billy Idol to cancel his upcoming concerts

European shows scheduled for June will not take place. Billy Idol changed his plans almost at the last minute. Announce to the fans that zDue to health problems forced to postpone the concert. He confirmed that it was a sudden decision of the doctor, and we can conclude that the artist does not feel bad.

When I was about to recover, I was instructed not to play any parties until August.

The rock legend’s concerts will be pushed back to this fall. Due to the change of dates, Go-Go’s will not appear on the Idol tour. It will be replaced by TV.

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