In a constantly evolving world, knowledge of English seems to be a natural matter, which not only allows you to easily communicate in remote parts of the world and learn about other cultures, but also provides tremendous educational and professional opportunities .. The language should definitely be bilingual teaching in schools !

The role of foreign languages ​​in Primus . schools

The bilingual program consists of teaching at least two educational classes in Polish and a modern foreign language. The extent of English lessons depends on the type and degree of difficulty of the topic.

Private Elementary School No. 47 and their private secondary school. Robert Schumann Primus Foundation They are schools that educate the citizens of the country and the world. They are known for their high standard of English language teaching, and they promote European education and modern technologies (such as working with iPads as a teaching aid).

From the younger classes, English lessons are thematically related to ECE program issues. Using the CLIL (Content and Integrated Language Learning) method, English is present in mathematics, history and science (Biology) lessons. However, in the seventh and eighth grades, as part of the bilingual program, curricular content in mathematics, history, biology, computer science, social studies and physical education is regularly implemented in two languages ​​- the goal is to acquire knowledge of a foreign language, develop the ability to use it and consolidate knowledge.

A variety of English language applications

Global history, as well as knowledge about society, that is taught in the bilingual system are presentations, videos, worksheets, discussions, crossword puzzles, tests and assignments in apps like Quizlet or Quzizz. The goal is to spark curiosity among students, as well as to develop their language skills – it is common to design a front page newspaper cover, create your own political party or build a model of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

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Bilingual teaching in physical education lessons consists in introducing students to widely understood terms related to physical activity. They are motivated to use English in fun and competitive sports situations – making it easier to learn naturally. Even during math lessons, students solve tasks in English! There are also many fun math tests in English – Bingo, Escape Room, Kahoot or Blooket.

Thanks to foreign languages, we have become citizens of the world

Learn English in schools Primus Foundation It is not only lessons with a textbook, but also a series of excursions abroad as part of the “Get to know European countries” program, during which the practical use of skills is deepened; Prepare students for prestigious certifications. participation in artistic events and competitions; Lessons in collaboration with, among others Cambridge English and Native Speakers, as well as making friends with school students from all over the world.

Thanks to the interconnected concept of English language teaching, Primus Foundation Schools are represented by numerous winners and finalists of the National English Language Olympiad and Exhibition Competitions. On the other hand, the result of high results in class 8 and Matura exams is the title of Best Primary School and Golden School (Best High School).

school students Primus Foundation They easily start conversations with English-speaking peers and distinguished professors at prestigious universities, where they progress as graduates. We do everything we can to make sure that our students develop their full potential!