After assembling the Polish national team, Robert Lewandowski was threatened with a 14-day quarantine. And all because of the last scheduled match in the series of matches to qualify for the World Cup with England, which Poland will play on March 31 at Wembley. This is where the game is about in England. Due to virus mutations, German health and epidemiological authorities consider Great Britain to be one of the regions most at risk. This list also includes the Czech Republic and Tyrol (for this reason, for example, athletes who recently traveled to the World Ski Championships in Oberstdorf could not even cross the Czech Republic and Tyrol, because they would spend the tournament in quarantine). Due to coronavirus mutations, German health authorities are obligating all people returning to the country from there to undergo the most severe types of quarantine: 14 days, without the possibility of default. Usually, arrival from a high-risk country to Germany is associated with a ten-day quarantine, with the possibility of shortening it with a negative test performed five days after arrival. People coming from Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Tyrol and other regions threatened by virus mutations are not eligible for this default. Until Wednesday, there is a federal ban on entry for people from the United Kingdom across Germany, as long as it is not for German citizens returning from there or for people registered in Germany. But the quarantine rules will apply until at least March 28.

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In Bayern Munich, new health tips await

“Bild” notes that after his return Lewandowski will not only lose the Leipzig match, but also lose another match against Al-Ittihad (April 10) due to this 14-day quarantine. He states that although clubs are generally obligated to send off players for national teams, there are exceptions. This exception is precisely the compulsory quarantine or isolation that lasts at least five days. Therefore, Bayern could not allow Lewandowski to come to the national team. Same as David Alaba (Austria Game In Scotland) and Alfonso Davis (Canada playing the Cayman Islands), who will also be subject to a 14-day quarantine under the rules in force today.

Lewandowski prefers to come to the training camp (it starts on March 22nd). The only question is: Will he fly to the match with England. For now, Bayern Munich is awaiting the rules that will apply in Bavaria from March 29th. Because current regulations imposing a 14-day quarantine have been ordered by state authorities until March 28. It is not yet known if it will be extended.

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“The less talk about it, the better the case.”

The less talk about it, the better for the cause. Especially since there is still a lot going on. Nevertheless, we are in constant contact with Bayern Munich, who are providing, among other things, details of the tests Lewandowski will undergo. The same is the case with Krzysztof Piątek, where we are also in contact with Hertha Berlin – said PZPN General Secretary Maciej Sawicki, who was a guest Monday on soccer magazine “4-4-2” at TVB Sport.

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Bayern of RB Leipzig – the Bundesliga runners-up by four points – will play on April 3. So three days after the match against England. However, before the Polish team travels to London, they will play two games in March, because they will start qualifying for next year’s World Cup in Qatar with matches with Hungary (March 25 in Budapest) and Andorra (March 28 in Warsaw).