The Pomeranian District Marshal, Michisław Struck and the Mayor of the City of Welblin have signed contracts to implement an integrated revitalization project covering ul. Szpitalna, Starogardzka, Limanowskiego and Pólko in Pilplin. The total value of the projects is more than PLN 5 million, including co-financing of nearly PLN 2.8 million.

An integrated revitalization project consists of two smaller projects that cannot function without each other.

The first is “Belplan – New Horizons”, in which activities related to the work of the Family Support Center will be carried out. The value of the project is 1 million PLN, co-financing from the European Social Fund is 850 thousand PLN. zloty.

The second project is “Revitalization of degraded spaces within the streets: Starogardzka, Limanowskiego, Szpitalna, Pólko in Pelplin”. As part of it will be, among other things a comprehensive update Sport club in the Mujahideen. Starogardzka, the Family Support Center will be built right next to it. On the site of the current stadium in the Mujahideen. Limanowskiego, a completely new entertainment space will be created. Also a jungle in the ul. Pulco will have a new face, there will be alleys for walking and running, a healthy path along the forest itself, and a small amphitheater on its edge.

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