The Atrium Reduta shopping center is undergoing a major transformation. Facility reconstruction and renewal of common areas are underway. The result of the ongoing work will be a new restaurant space and an adjacent play area for the kids. The center also plans to provide an innovative multi-functional entertainment space for families. Details are below.

Novi Food Court

A food court area with 6 new gastronomic concepts will be created in the modern interior of Atrium Reduta. – Fans of fast food in the city, fans of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, as well as fans of the menu in a traditional home version, will satisfy their appetites here. – Make sure Shopping Center.
The area will provide not only a variety of flavors, but thanks to its entertainment space, it will also provide attractions for younger guests. It will be a place for children’s games and leisure together.

Meeting and relaxation area

It also offers Shopping CenterEssentially, the innovative spaces at Atrium Reduta will be a meeting place. Its function and architecture aims to inspire people to stop – sit, eat, talk, spend free time together – with family, friends or acquaintances, rest after school or work. We encourage us to do so with an open space with many tables and chairs, a wealth of natural solutions and green surroundings.

Interactive entertainment for children

A specially designed area will also be created in the new interiors of the Warsaw Fair
About families with children. It will be a space that adapts to the needs of both toddlers and older children. Children will find entertainment that is engaging and interactive, while parents will find a place to relax and talk.

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We want to offer our guests and customers a brand new quality. We focused on an urban style combined with rich vegetation, an attempt to reconcile wild nature with the dynamics of the big city. We believe that the innovative dining hall area with complementary and interesting gastronomic concepts as well as unique architectural solutions will allow us to create a place that is close and neighborly, and at the same time inspiring and friendly. – says Mariola Shmeiliowska, director of the Atrium Ridota.

New brands

As a result of the changes, Atrium Reduta will additionally enhance not only its social, leisure and entertainment functions, but also its commercial offering. The extensive exhibition repositioning process is attracting new unique brands to the center. One of them is the Be Happy Museum – a space created with thought
About selfie and Instagram fans as well as artists looking for an inconspicuous scene for photos or music videos. Another unique place on the DC map is the x-kom Player Zone, where game fans can test the latest gaming solutions.