Most of the foreign productions, in which Kamel Mezhevsky starred, were made in Great Britain.

In the case of “Barbarians”, the scene was almost breathless, because the second season of this series is made in Poland. Lemieszewski did not reveal a specific location, he only stated that he worked in a forest near Krakow.

“Run a lot in the mud, dressed gracefully, until the dark night, when it’s cold outside, so I’m almost freezing. Sword fight with and without armor, run through fire and burning barricades, create new choreographies of battles in groups quickly • Powerful and intense work – physically And mentally, says Kamil Lemieszewski in an interview with PAP Life.

He worked on the set of “Barbarians” for two weeks. Although he spent hundreds of hours playing behind the scenes fighting, he did not suffer any injuries other than bruises and cuts.