The contractor for the first phase of the reconstruction of one of the main squares in Bielsko-Biała – the Polish Army, was selected on Monday by the Bielsko Municipal Roads Administration. The business should start this year. MZD announced that the selected contractor has requested 17.6 million PLN.

Three bids were submitted for tender. It ranged from 17.6 million PLN to 23.5 million PLN. MZD chose the lowest bid offered by a company from Warsaw.

Tender documents show that the first phase includes on-site works, incl. Demolition of underground public toilets and rebuilding of the square itself. A new fountain and street lighting will be built, landscaping elements will be created, and a power supply system for the yard equipment will be established. Parking spaces will be corrected.

Ultimately, the square’s new space, occupied almost entirely by car parks, is intended to encourage relaxation and shared participation in the cultural and educational life of the city. All indicate the historical character of this part of Bielsko-Biała. Before the merger with Bielsko, it was the central square of Biała Krakowska.

There will be three areas in the box. The first is the area along the eastern and western facades of the square. There will be two 10-meter wide paths in which trees will be planted. The facades of the buildings will also be decorated with the cultivation of climbing plants. There will be footpaths between the facades of the buildings and the strip of trees, where summer gardens will be created. In the second zone – near the center of the square – there will be a strip 4 meters wide, which will create a path of fire into the dwelling houses. The adjacent space will be filled with low creeping greenery surrounded by a fence and small architectural elements.

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The third area is the central part of the square with a decorative fountain, an electronic piano and a stylized clock. A plaque showing the historic location of the town hall, city scales and a water pump to be installed in the floor. New trees will be planted on the north side of the square. This area is a multifunctional space intended for the organization of special events, concerts or exhibitions, with occasional stage installation.

The investment also includes rebuilding the Mujahideen. Sinarska. Its historical course will be restored. A car park will be built along it. Trees will be planted.

The new Polish Army Yard will come into use in 2022.

Plac Wojska Polskiego is one of the main places in Bielsko-Biała. It was established in 1723 as the main square of the then existing Biaa Krakowska. It later became one of the two main markets in the city. The oldest residential houses date back to the beginning of the nineteenth century. The former town hall of Biawa and the Art Nouveau tenement house under abami.

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