Reconstruction of one of the main squares in Bielsko-Biaa – the Polish Army will begin in the second half of this year. Preparations for the tender announcement are underway. Bielsko residents will see the impact of business early next year – said Jacek Katshell of Bielsko Judge.

Cashel announced that design work is already underway. “As a result, they will change the look and feel of the square and the Sinarska Street leading to it,” he said.

The investment is carried out by the Municipal Roads Administration. Its director, Wojciech Waluś, emphasized that not only architects and city planners are called upon to collaborate when creating the concept of redevelopment of the square, but also services that would take care of safety and organize various events in the future. “The friendly and attractive public space is to encourage relaxation and a shared participation in the cultural and educational life of the city. All is to indicate the historical character of this part of Bielsko-Biaa” – noted Waluś.

Jacek Katchel indicated that the Polish Army Square will be divided into three regions. “The first is the area along the eastern and western façade of the square, and there will be two paths 10 meters wide in which trees are planted, and the facades of the buildings will be decorated with planting climbing plants. Pedestrian paths between the facades of the buildings and the tree belt, where they will be able to plant trees along them. To create summer gardens. “- He said.

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In the second zone – near the center of the square – there will be a tape 4 m wide, creating a firing path into the dwelling houses. The adjacent space will be filled with creeping greenery, enclosed by walls and small architectural elements.

The third zone is the central part of the square with a decorative fountain, electronic piano, and a stylized clock. “A plaque informs us about the historical location of the municipality building, municipal scales and a water pump will be installed in the floor. New trees will be planted on the northern side of the square. This area is a multi-functional space intended for the organization of special events, concerts and exhibitions with the possibility of installing a stage between Every now and then, “- added Cashel.

The director stated that the investment will accompany the reconstruction of the mujahideen. Senyarska. Its historical course will be restored. There will be a parking lot next to it, and trees will be planted.

“Currently preparations are underway to announce the tender. Construction work is scheduled to take place in the second half of the year, and before that, underground infrastructure modernization work must be carried out, which will be carried out by municipal companies: Aqua Water supply and thermal heating. Use in 2022” – he emphasized Jacek Katchel.

Plac Wojska Polskiego is one of the prime places in Bielsko Biaa. It was established in 1723 as the main square of Biaa Krakowska that existed then. It later became one of the two main markets in the city. The oldest residential houses date back to the beginning of the nineteenth century. Former town hall in Biaa and art nouveau dwelling house under abami.

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