“It will be very difficult for Biden to slow down what is happening on American streets, and this will have an impact on his political situation,” Dominic Tarsinsky said in an interview with wPolityce.pl.

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Dominic Tarcinski, MEP, Law and Justice: Donald Trump is not a memory but a reality. He will not give up politics. This is because of his words, he uttered his surroundings. He will return stronger and with greater determination. It will start in four years. Treating Donald Trump as the past in world politics is a mistake. The Trump era does not pass.

What is the presidency of Joe Biden? What are the challenges facing the administration of the new president?

Yesterday’s events show that Biden’s presidency will not be easy. Democratic offices were attacked and completely destroyed by Antifa. It won’t be easy, it won’t be fun, and we have to do what started during Trump’s presidency. It is a destructive anarchist movement that will also be a problem for Biden. The expectations of left-wing extremists are strong. Even Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are unable to fulfill all of their expectations. A very difficult term awaits them. So the Republicans will come back stronger. It will be very difficult for Biden to slow what is happening on American streets, and that will have an impact on his political standing. Such events frustrate people. Citizens do not accept killing and destroying private and public property. The social turmoil has dissipated to the point that I am convinced Trump will return to power.

Age can be a problem. Trump will never be younger.

The dismissal proceedings were an attempt to prevent her from being launched in the future. If this could be done, by law, Trump would no longer be allowed to run. Democrats know what might happen to them, and Trump is a dangerous foe who might return to power. This was announced by the former president himself and the people are calling for it. In this attempt, the Democrats themselves acknowledged that this could happen.

What kind of president was Donald Trump?

Everyone must admit that Donald Trump has been consistent. Realize what I’m announcing. He was painfully honest, and that honesty hurts many. Many politicians miss this. They play in front of the crowd, they do what most people like. Trump promised a wall, and began building it. Entry visas for the Poles were canceled, and our military cooperation was never that strong. Our security has increased a hundredfold. Not everyone has access to American technology, we get it. Moreover, in addition to his frequent and friendly talks with President Duda. All this built our position as a serious ally. This cannot be taken away from the Poles.

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