Joe Biden, “He will never see Donald Trump again,” the younger sister of the President-elect, and sometime campaign manager and close political advisor Valerie Biden Owens In a new interview, when asked if there can be any tolerance for the 45th president once he leaves the National Theater.

“I mean, it’s a moot point,” Biden Owens He told Axios on HBO In an excerpt released on Tuesday. He will never see Donald Trump again. Donald Trump is off the stage and on January 20, this is how it went. Joe is not going to talk about Donald Trump. who cares?”

Biden Owens also said that her brother, who will turn 78 when he takes office and who has described his intention to be interim president, will run for a second term. When asked about the race in 2024, Axios reported that Biden Owens said “definitely” and “absolutely.”

“It’s my transition because he brought all these young people and brought them [us] Come back again [so] We are not a divided country … but certainly. It is advancing aggressively.

He is the most experienced person to have entered the White House in American history, due to 36 years in the Senate and then eight years with President Obama. So it is very clear.

“He really believes that where we are now in this country, we have such an enormous opportunity to make things better for all Americans.”

Biden himself Referred to To run again. So did Trump.

Biden Owens said her brother would seek to engage “progressives, conservatives, Republicans, liberals, Democrats and independents” and thus “restore respect for governance.”

“We all know him as a great speaker,” she added. This was echoed by former British ambassador Sir Kim Darroch on Monday Books for the Guardian About how the “president-elect likes to shoot the breeze”.

“My meeting with him in 2019, which was scheduled for 20 minutes, turned into a glorious hour and a half,” Darroch said. “It only ended when his assistants nearly physically dragged him out of the room to catch the plane.”

Biden Owens said her brother was a “better listener”. There are high hopes, in some quarters, that Biden will be able to benefit from him Long term relationship With Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, if Republicans convene the Senate, thus making progress on mitigating the coronavirus and other legislative priorities.

Although Trump did not give up the elections and he is Follow up on legal appeals To lead to a battlefield states, Biden is preparing for him transition.

On Monday, the Coronavirus Task Force was appointed Talk about the epidemic. On Tuesday, as the Supreme Court hears a case that could lead to the Affordable Care Act being dropped, barring millions of healthcare coverage, Biden is set to speak on the matter.

“He cares about the American people,” Biden Owens told Axios. “He cares about the people sitting at the kitchen table who have an empty chair, because one of his family members died of Covid, because of the small company, one in five, who stopped working. And the Latin and African American communities who have suffered death, devastation and fewer opportunities.

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“Donald Trump is not in my brother’s focus.”