2021-11-02 20:43

2021-11-02 20:43

Biden: There is no reason for conflict with China, but I expect Xi to abide by the rules
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US President Joe Biden said in Glasgow at COP26 on Tuesday that there was no reason for conflict with China, but that I made it clear to President Xi that he expected him to abide by the rules. He added that China and Russia made the mistake of ignoring the climate conference.

“I had conversations with Xi for hours (…), I made it clear to him that this was a competition, not a conflict, and there was no reason to cause conflict,” Biden said. “But I also told him that we expect him to abide by the rules of international airspace, sea routes, etc.” – added.

Biden stressed that “the only thing worse than an intended conflict is an unintended conflict” and that his hypothetical future confrontation with Xi is to avoid such a scenario.

The president added that the leaders of China and Russia made a huge mistake by not being in Glasgow for the climate conference. “The rest of the world will look at them and say: + What added value does China + offer?” – Notice.


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