The world champion was the Italian Martina Fidanza, who decided to attack seven laps before the finish line (one lap 250 m – TK note). She set off on the hunt for Hungarian Joanna Kitty Burissa. It was just that the latter did not keep up with the pace and was left behind. The Hungarian peloton sprinted 500 meters from the finish line, with Dutchman Mike van der Doyen and American Jennifer Valente finishing as fast as they could. They completed the podium in this order.

Bikulik finished eighth.

Findanza is the daughter of Giovanni Fidanza, who has racked up wins in the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia.

Our sprint team didn’t lose much of a fight to fight for medals. Marlina Karuaka, Ursula Ochs and Nicolas Siak lost the battle with the British by just 0.09 seconds. In the end, Biao-Czerwony was ranked fifth. Germany won the gold with a world record of 46.064 seconds. The Russian Cycling Federation came in second and the United Kingdom in third.

Among the gentlemen, the Dutch were the best, ahead of the French and Germans. The Poles, made up of Mateusz Micek, Daniel Rochna and Mateusz Roddick, took sixth place.

In the team competition, our team of: Alan Panaszek, Szymon Krausek, Bartos Roddick and Szimon Sagnok will not be competing for medals. However, Biało-Czerwoni set a Polish record – 3.55.875 seconds.

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