In our opinion, true wireless earbuds are some of the best tech products available today. Not only are they comfortable, look great, and have very good battery life, but you can use them while you relax, at work or while you exercise! We successfully researched Prime Day deals to bring you some of the best discounts on the most popular wireless earbuds.

Another great thing about true wireless earbuds is that no matter what type of device you have, whether it’s an Android phone, iOS, Mac, Windows, Chrome computer, or a tablet of some kind, the Bluetooth connection means it will work across devices. So if you are an Android user and always want a pair of Apple AirPods, or you’ve been working on an iMac but have heard how amazing the Galaxy Buds + is, now is your chance to try these headphones for yourself!

Best Amazon Earbud Deals

Amazon hasn’t made true wireless earbuds for long, but the company’s first attempt was a smashing success. Echo Buds usually sell for $ 130, which is an absolute steal at $ 80. The noise reduction / cancellation is excellent, as is the Traffic Ambient mode, and it’s comfortable enough to wear for hours on end. Plus, you can ask Alexa to change the song, increase the volume, or remind you to get back to work!

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Amazon’s Echo Buds may sound a bit bulky, but they’re actually very comfortable in the ear. The earbuds feature Bose-powered Active Noise Reduction, while also allowing precise control over the external sounds you want to let through. You have hands-free access to Alexa, and you can summon Siri or the Google Assistant with one click!

$ 80 at Amazon

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Best Apple Earbud Deals

Apple didn’t really invent the wireless earbuds category, but it definitely did a lot to popularize the type and form factor! AirPods are the most popular earbuds you’ll see, and while they may be popular, they’re also very good. It has a long battery life, fits most earphones well (especially AirPods Pro), and is easy to set up and pair with your Apple devices. Not an iPhone user? Don’t worry – AirPods work well and look great with any Bluetooth device!

The original AirPods set the tone for how modern wireless earbuds behave, sound, and look. Their small charging case fits in almost any pocket, and Apple device users can summon Siri hands-free. It pairs instantly with your Apple devices and seamlessly transitions across Apple products. But don’t worry, Android and Windows users, AirPods are still great Bluetooth earbuds for your gear too!

$ 115, at Amazon

Several Apple reviewers, fans, and even critics have described AirPods Pro as the best product from Apple of 2019, and many of my colleagues at Android Central swear by them. Thanks to their silicone tips, they fit and feel better than regular AirPods, and active noise cancellation and adaptive EQ technology are second to none.

$ 199, at Amazon

Best Samsung Earbud Deals

With Samsung making some of the best smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets in the Android space, it is no surprise that it also makes some of the best wireless earbuds out there. While we love the new Galaxy Buds Live, these aren’t for sale during Prime Day. Instead, we want to focus on the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Plus.

This is the first in a series of many high-quality wireless earbuds that Samsung launched over the past 18 months, but they still hold up well into the late 2020 year. You can get up to six hours of battery life per charge and an additional seven hours from the case. The speakers are waterproof and have premium sound tuned by AKG.

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$ 90, at Amazon

Galaxy Buds + is the next step in the evolution of Samsung’s wireless earbuds, even better than the original, really great earphones. Battery life jumped to 11 hours of non-stop music, with another 11 hours available from the charging case. These also fit and sound better than the first generation, with superb noise cancellation and Ambient Aware 2 technology to let you hear a little of the outside world when you need to.

$ 120, at Amazon

Another great Earbud shows

Don’t think the sun is rising and setting with big tech giants; There are many, many other companies that manufacture excellent wireless earphones. Some of our favorites for sale during Prime Day include these from LG, Anker, and 1More, but don’t forget to check out some of the less expensive and lesser-known brands that make affordable wireless earphones.

You already know LG made great Android phones and beautiful TVs, but did you know that they also made excellent wireless earphones? LG Tone Free sound is not only convenient and great sound, but also has the built-in UV light in the case that can kill 99.9% of bacteria!

$ 110 at Amazon

The Soundcore Anker brand is a low-key big name, as people may recognize the parent company and not the subsidiary. No matter, the Soundcore brand makes some of our favorite and highest-rated wireless speakers and earphones at various price points. The entry-level Life P2s are a great first pair of wireless headphones or even a great backup pair for your more inexpensive headphones.

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$ 50 at Amazon

If you want a pair of Apple Airpods that are more comfortable and come in cool black and red, well, you are in luck. The Soundcore Liberty Air 2 is generally more expensive than the AirPods, but this Prime Day discount makes it less than the AirPods selling price!

$ 100 at Amazon

The best of last year’s 1More, the sleek earbuds still sound amazing and sound better. They instantly connect to your device via Bluetooth and can last for about seven hours on a single charge. You can purchase a pair that is now on sale in light black, mint green or rose gold.

$ 100 at Amazon

1More ColorBuds are my new favorite wireless headphones to be released this year. It’s the most comfortable pair I’ve worn in a long time, and it’s pairing quickly with my various Android and iOS devices. Plus I really dig this green!

$ 80 at Amazon

Which wireless earbuds should you buy?

Wireless earbuds are a very personal piece of technology, so you should definitely read our product reviews (linked above when available) to find out what our experts think of fit, feel and sound. However, we’ve included these earbuds on this list for a reason – we think they’re among the best you can buy today!

Unless you absolutely have to have a pair of Apple AirPods (and at those prices, I can’t blame you!), I recommend either Amazon Echo Buds or 1More ColorBuds. Both are great value, long battery life, comfortable feel, and great sound.

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