Marketing strategies have changed drastically over the last decade. Content marketing has transitioned from basic SEO-optimized written content to video marketing. Marketing videos lay a solid foundation for branding and increasing the visibility of the business. The videos drive higher traffic to the brand site, thus increasing lead conversion and sales.

Many companies, especially small start-ups, dread the assumed amount of work and time that goes into creating a video. Well, it is time to break that myth. There are several easy-to-use and free online video editors that can help you make a marketing video in minutes without any technical expertise. 

Do you want to create stunning marketing videos for your brand? Here are a few free online video editors to help you get started:

Vimeo Create 

Vimeo is one of the best AI-assisted online video editing software that helps you create customized marketing videos and make automatic edits within minutes. It gives you the flexibility to either create a video from scratch on a blank canvas or use one of the pre-made templates. You also get useful suggestions for color, theme, music, fonts etc., by the AI system. It is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms with over 1000 templates for creating a marketing video. 

You can access the stock library with millions of photos and videos and use suitable background music from the licensed music library. The auto-editing feature from Vimeo helps with professional-grade editing of the videos. Vimeo lets you customize the colors, layouts, fonts etc., for a polished look and add interesting effects and transitions to make the video stand out.

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FilmoraGo is an all-in-one online video editor for designing creative marketing videos and is compatible with iOS and Android. The advanced features allow you to adjust the speed of the video with the help of keyframing and motion tracking features. Keyframing enables creating custom animations and uses motion tracking for intuitive object tracking. You can create videos with fun and creative filters, effects, transitions, and tons of motion elements. You can also personalize the videos with color grading. 

The advanced audio ducking features fade the background music for the narration or dialogues to stand out. You can also use the in-built templates to create stunning videos for branding and promotion. With a wide range of video editing features like trim/split, speed control, voice-over, picture in picture etc., you can take your videos to the next level without any technical expertise.


This online video editing platform is a boon for small and medium businesses and helps enormously to create professional-grade videos. It is highly recommended for creating all types of videos suitable for social media, YouTube, and company websites. It has over 5000 pre-made templates with customizable options in terms of colors, images, speed adjustment and style. The free stock library has millions of photos, videos, and music that can be used in the video. 

Another striking feature of this online video editor is the instant conversion of an article or blog into an engaging video with its text-to-video tool. The words are read out with matching images selected by the intelligent AI system. It allows you to create videos in wide, vertical, and square dimensions as per the requirement of the business. InVideo offers several tutorials as guidance to creating stunning marketing videos. After the video is complete, you can download it or upload it directly on social media and YouTube.

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WeVideo is a perfect cloud-based online editor for businesses with easy accessibility through cloud service. All the videos created with the video editor are stored in the cloud. You can create videos using premium templates with a brand logo to give a unique look to the video. The video editor gives you access to millions of images, videos, and music through its stock media library. The advanced editing tools like green screen, screen recording, and color grading give the video a cinematic look. 

Once the videos are made, it offers unlimited cloud storage and export of the videos in 4K resolution. It is a perfect video editor to collaborate with a team and work on video-creating projects together. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Chromebook, and Mac.


This online video editor offers a free plan to create unlimited videos for marketing. A striking feature of this video editor is the ability to read the branded banner on the videos to create higher customer engagement. Customize the video for colors, fonts, style and create captions that sync with the videos using its simple drag and drop interface. Create videos for a wide range of platforms by choosing from 20+ video formats. You also get access to 500+ free templates and over 6 million high-resolution photos from the stock library. 

It allows you to resize the video to curate it perfectly for different marketing campaigns with just one click. There are tons of tools like merge video, cut video, video splitter, adjusting video speed, cropping etc., to help create a professional video. You can also get a live preview of the video before uploading it.

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This online video maker is perfect for creating marketing videos for social media, slideshows, campaigns, ads etc. The platform does not need any technical expertise and is easy to use, thanks to a selection of stunning templates. You can customize the templates for changes in speed, fonts, colors and personalize the content that suits your marketing requirement. 

There are thousands of templates for creating a powerful video; you can also use videos from stock footage. Make your videos impressive by adding animation, photos, and stock videos and export them in high resolution. The animated marketing videos made with Biteable are ready in minutes without any professional knowledge. The free plan allows you to create unlimited videos, but it leaves a watermark on the video.

Final Words 

According to Hubspot, nearly 84% of buyers or customers show interest in a product or service and ultimately buy it when it is marketed with the help of a marketing video. Video content is the ultimate tool for branding and promoting, which builds reliability, drives higher traffic and results in more sales. The online video editors help to create videos on a shoestring budget without any technical expertise and allow you to share them across multiple platforms.