May 30, 2022, 2:15 pm

One of the players decided to test the performance of all 20 cars from the classic Need for Speed ​​series.

If you often think back to Need for speed underground Since 2003, you may be interested in the fact that one of the players has made a comprehensive analysis of all 20 cars.

The test was performed by the user reddit With the alias Scorpios. His research gives an answer to the question: “In which car NfS Underground It is actually the best.”

Car Class List

Scorpio puts each of the twenty vehicles in the game to the test. Each of them has passed Three to twelve laps on three different routes and then compare the best times. In total, he cut 180 rolls for the test.

  • All test vehicles were equipped with Level 3 upgrades and the same parts. While running, the player did not use “nitro”.
  • Points were determined as follows: for the first result on a given track, the car received 20 points, for the second – 19, etc. The car with the worst performance on a particular track got 1 point.
  • Then the results were summarized and the so-called “level list”. At the top were cars with the best results (level S), and at the bottom – with the worst results (level D).

Best Car in NfS Underground - This Player Tested 5 Hours - Illustration #1


The final results

The car with the highest score in the test, Turns out the Mazda RX-7. The Japanese production vehicle scored 59 points in the test, achieving the best results on two of the three tracks it covered.

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It was this car that reached the top of the S-class with the Acura Integra (56 points).

The RX-7 has been called the car that should be in the Hall of Fame series NfSIn turn, the Integra turned out to be a positive surprise, fast and stable, which, according to the tester, makes it smooth enough to compete with the aforementioned Mazda.

The full table of results is shown below:

Best Car in NfS Underground - 5 Hours Player Tested - Illustration #2


The test was supposed to take over 5 hours for redditowicz. As a result, we received comprehensive results on the performance of the individual vehicles.