Benedict Cumberbatch is a famous British film and theater actor. And recently, a new movie with his participation appeared, entitled “Dog Claws”. Now, on Dzie Dobry TVN, the star spoke about his role.

Carrera Benedict Cumberbcha

Benedict Cumberbatch was born on July 19, 1976 in London. He is the son of actors Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham. He made his debut on both the small and big screen in 2002.

During most of my childhood, I wanted to be an actor. That’s because my parents are actors and I was surrounded by actors – Benedict Cumberbatch admitted on Dzie Dobry TVN.

The serial role of Sherlock Holmes brought Benedict Cumberbatch unusual popularity. Then he played in such films as “Thor: Ragnarok”, “Zoolander 2”, “The Game of Secrets” (which Nominated for an Academy Award in the “Best Leading Actor” category.), “1917” or “Doktor Strange”.

– I’m so lucky to wear a Dr. costume. a stranger. It was fantastically made, very colorful. The texture of the material was very good. It wasn’t exaggerated armor or some plastic or rubber. I move well in it and know how many people and how much work should be put into it – said the actor.

A role in the movie “Dog’s Claws”

In September, he made his latest movie with Benedict Cumberbatch called “Dog Claws”. The actor plays the role of a farm owner who does not know what love is. When his brother brings home his newly married wife and son, the main character mocks and bullies them. This leads to a conflict of values ​​that no one expected. However, there is a trait that connects the actor with the character – both are related to nature.

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I feel at peace in nature. I listen to it. It helps me as if I were a part of it. My hero has a tough, dirty job and is proud of it. Treat people and animals the same way. The actor said on our show that he’s just as cute as cruel.

He revealed that the film was shot during a pandemic, which faced the creators with some difficulties. They were forced to stop shooting and spend a few more months in New Zealand.

– We couldn’t get to a better place at the time, because we were very lucky to be in New Zealand. We had a shutdown of about 3 months with all production, but I felt very protected – dodał Benedict Cumberbatch.

Still from the movie “Psie claws”

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