Large protests on the occasion of the hockey league match in Finland. The unfortunate incident with many coincidences was seen as a political provocation. The Belarusians assure that they will not leave matters without consequences and firmness. The media behind the East has no doubt – this is a simple sabotage and provocation.

Dinamo Minsk is furious with the Finnish hosts because the national anthem of the Republic of Palau was played in place of the Belarusian anthem on Wednesday ahead of the KHL Hockey League match with Helsinki club Jokerit Helsinki. The Finns, who won 2-1 after extra time, apologized but Dynamo officials believed it was a measure designed to offend them, especially as Finnish fans staged a protest against human rights abuses at Biarousi before the match, and Jokerit boycotted the match. Earlier meeting in Minsk.

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This is how the Finns explained their style

“It was my fault and my slumber was kind of brutal,” DJ Armando Harquimo, who is in charge of the music setting, explained to Ilta Sanomat. “We always play the visitors’ anthem before KHL matches, and since we usually play with Russian teams, the Russian anthem was prepared. A few minutes before the speakers came on, I realized I had prepared this piece. In a panic, I started searching on the internet with the phrases Bel And Belarus and I found the Belau anthem, I downloaded it and played it with pleasure, ”- said Harkimo.

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Do you know the girls and wives of Polish athletes?

Question 1 out of 10

Something easy to start with. Who is this lady for?

Anna Lewandowska

The Finnish media soon decided that the song being played at Jokerit Hall is an anthem of 20,000 people and 800 kilometers east of the Philippine Republic of Palau, and that the country also has the spelling…worst” belonging to the USA.

The Belarusians are angry: it’s a provocation

“This is a complete lack of respect not only for our team, but also for the country, as well as a violation of the KHL regulations and the consequences will be taken,” Dinamo Minsk president Sergei Shuchko wrote on the club’s website. The situation was described at length by the Belarusian and Russian media and quoted by Ilta Sanomat, and the Championate portal described the incident as sabotage and a well-prepared provocation against Belarus.

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